Procellix Review

According to the manufacturer, Procellix is marketed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The manufacturer states that Procellix works well on the thighs and buttocks for women. The manaufcturer of Procellix published before and after photos results on women. Procellix is NOT clinically tested. The product is promoted to offer a smoothing effect on the skin. As stated by the manufacturer, men may apply the product to the abdomen and stomach area.

On the company’s website, the manufacturer states that Procellix is a non-greasy cream that absorbs quickly. It appears that Procellix retails for under $70 online. The manufacturer reports that Procellix restores skin firmness and results are visible in days. On the product’s website, the manufacturer reports that Procellix contains 2% aminophylline, but does not supply a full product ingredient list.

Procellix Features:

• According to manufacturer, helps reduce cellulite appearance
• Manufacturer states that the product is non-greasy
• Retails for under $70
• Manufacturer claims that the product restores skin firmness
• On the product’s website, it states that results are visible in days

Procellix Details:

Form: Gel/Cream
Size: 6 oz
Instructions: The manufacturer of Procellix suggest to wash and dry the skin, apply Procellix and allow enough time for product to fully absorb into the area. For maximum results, product should be applied daily.
Ingredients: The manufacturer does not publish a full product ingredient list on the product’s website, but states that the product contains 2% Aminophylline. For a full product ingredient list, please refer to the ingredient section on the product label.

Procellix Results:

The manufacturer reports that results are visible in days.

Procellix Conclusion:

Procellix is marketed to address the look of cellulite. The manufacturer suggests that the product is suitable for both men and women. A full list of ingredient for this product is not supplied on the product’s website. It appears that Procellix retails for less than $70 online. To see how Procellix compares to other cellulite creams, please refer to our detailed product review grid.


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