Trucella Review

A Clinically Tested Cellulite Formula

Trucella™ is clinically tested to help diminish the look and feel of cellulite. The anti-cellulite effects of Trucella™ were evaluated in an eight week consumer perception study of Trucella™, alongside visual grading. The results evidenced a statistical significance in determining the Trucella™ formula showed a remarkable improvement in the look of the skins smoothness and firmness. To learn more about the clinical findings for Trucella™, please visit

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Trucella™ Features:

Reduces the overall appearance of cellulite
Helps reduce the look and feel of dryness and roughness on surface of skin “Orange Peel/
Cottage Cheese Effect”
Skin feels more firm, smooth and toned
Helps to enhance skin’s elasticity to applied areas for a more overall healthier appearance
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Within the clinical study, results were noticed within 2 weeks of directed use.

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Trucella™ Details:

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Form: Cream
Size: 5.07 oz / 150 ml
Ingredients: Click here for full list of ingredients
Directions for Use: For optimal results, Trucella™ should be applied twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening. Before application, ensure the area is clean and dry, then apply the product in a thin layer to the affected areas until fully absorbed. If electing to massage the area this should be done before application of the product. To maintain desired results of the product, applications must be continued daily as directed. Click here for further information of instructions.
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Trucella™ Results:

Some results may be seen in as little as two weeks. However, it is recommended that the user allows eight weeks of directed continuous use for best results. After the desired results are achieved, application of Trucella™ should be continued to maintain results obtained.

Some users may choose to accelerate their results by making lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly. All of these factors combined with daily applications of Trucella™ can help reduce the look of cellulite, along with promoting a healthier appearance of both the body and the look of your skin!


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